Onboarding and scenario training

As a customer of Element Logic, you will learn all you need to know about warehouse automation from our experienced training team. Our training sessions focus on operations, safety, and solving issues that could occur once the solution goes live.

Onboarding is an important step to make you and your employees confident when using the new automated warehouse solution. With training, employees quickly learn their new workflow within a couple of days.

In addition, we also recommend giving more specialized training to a few employees. These will become your companies’ AutoStore Super Users. They will get more profound knowledge of how the solution works, how to handle more complex scenarios and issues. The Element Logic support team is available if the need arises.

The training is crucial for the customer to be successful from day one and to be able to speak the same technical language as the Element Logic team – ensuring a prosperous, automated future.

"Knowledgeable and eager Super Users are the key to success. Our training program lays the foundation for this"

— Børre Skogvold, Element Logic Training Team