Go GREEN with Element Logic

Automated warehouse solutions by Element Logic provide space-efficient and energy-conscience alternatives that can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Around the world, buildings account for over 40 percent of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions, through heating, cooling and electric light. Traditional warehouses are designed for human workers and human needs. However, through AutoStore from Element Logic, there are multiple ways to create a more sustainable warehouse.


1. Reduce electrical costs

In a traditional warehouse you need good lighting in the entire facility to create a good work environment for your employees. Robots, however, aren’t dependent on light nor heating to operate, resulting in less space needing to be bright and have comfortable temperatures. Focus on the areas used by your workers and save energy on the rest.

If you’re planning to upgrade your warehouse or planning to build a new one, you should also consider taking advantage of natural lighting through the roof or walls to further reduce the need for electrical lights.

AutoStore robots working in the dark


2. Increase energy efficiency

The AutoStore robot’s energy consumption is extremely low. The robots regenerate power every time they lower a bin or reduce speed – just like an electrical car – making the power circular and sustainable. In fact, ten AutoStore robots use the same level of energy as one vacuum cleaner and the robots can easily run on solar energy, making them a perfect fit for sustainable warehouses.


Drone over warehouse with solar panels on the roof

3. Harness the power of the sun

Choose sustainable power – go solar. Element Logic has wide experience in utilizing the outside of the warehouses by implementing solar panels on the roof and walls. Not only can the energy harnessed be used to power your robots, it also has the potential of making your entire warehouse self-sufficient.

Solar panels run the robots:
Sustainability was at the forefront when the electronics wholesaler Berggaard Amundsen built their new warehouse. They installed solar panels on the roof – as well as on the façade. Even in Norway, where there is very little sunlight in the winter, the warehouse generates enough energy to be self-sufficient for a greater part of the year, and also provides power to 40 electrical car chargers that are available to use for the local neighborhood.

4. Increase space efficiency

AutoStore is the very definition of space efficiency as it delivers the highest storage density of any automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). With an AutoStore solution from Element Logic you will get four times the storage capacity in the same footprint as manual storage, and in many cases double the storage capacity compared to other goods-to-person systems. With any shape possible, utilization of the building is at its peak.

For our customers this means maximizing the use of space and reducing the need for a larger warehouse with a bigger footprint.

Utilizing the entire warehouse:
With an AutoStore solution by Element Logic, the global electronics distributor TTI more than tripled their storage volume with a space-efficient warehouse design, taking advantage of the mezzanine and several floor levels that were previously unused for storage. A true masterpiece of engineering.

5. Reduced waste

Efficient warehouses store products – not waste. A responsible supply chain also takes care of waste in a sustainable manner. Element Logic works in partnership with our customers to design warehouse processes and systems for waste management and recycling.

Customized waste management system
With a customized waste management system you can move waste directly from the workstation to a container outside the building. When designing New Wave’s new warehouse with this solution, we also decreased their use of forklifts, reducing emissions as well as making the warehouse a safer place for employees.

Waste managment system at New Wave
SMART WASTE: Element Logic has customized a waste management system that goes straight from the workstation to a container outside the building.

Go green

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