Detail-focused and predictable

We have delivered state-of-the-art warehouse solutions for over 35 years. Our experience in automation has given us the knowledge and expertise to build profitable and scalable solutions that will last for decades.

The devil is in the details when it comes to assembling a profitable AutoStore solution. A crucial part of achieving a successful result is measuring the grid correctly and installing the first few aluminum columns.

Because of this crucial stage, we always use assembly teams with extensive experience building AutoStore grids. After this step, the rest of the grid is easily put together like an advanced LEGO kit.

Through every step of construction, your dedicated project manager is in complete control of all deliveries, ensuring everything arrives on time. The project manager is your point of contact and will keep you continuously updated on the process.

"Even after many years in operations, Element Logic has not had any significant delays in delivering a project. Our customers highly value this accountability in a time of change."

— Nils Grille, Project Manager, Element Logic Norway

Your warehouse automation

To optimize the material flow handling, we also design and deliver integrated conveyor solutions that increase the level of automation in your warehouse. The conveyor system brings the orders from AutoStore to the loading docks and handles waste and recycling.

Other parts of the warehouse automation solution may also include packing machines for cartons or bags, sorting systems for outbound orders, and internal distribution within the warehouse.

When the warehouse solution is delivered, our commissioning team executes extensive testing and simulations on scenarios. This way, you can be confident that the solution matches the estimated numbers regarding capacity and efficiency from the design process.