Continuous support and growth

Our goal is to deliver customer service that goes beyond your expectations. We achieve this with a support and service team who has extensive knowledge of your warehouse solution – and how to get the most value from it.

Our support team is one of the great benefits of being an Element Logic customer. They can assist you via the website, email, or phone when you require support, whether about AutoStore, software, management control systems, equipment, system setup, or error corrections.

We help you grow

We also have a dedicated service team with technicians who help you maintain and operate your warehouse solution in the most efficient way. We work proactively and are on a continuous lookout for areas of improvement in all our customers’ solutions to help them grow.

Our technicians also perform scheduled maintenance on-site without interrupting your daily operations. Every month you can receive an SLA report with a detailed status on your AutoStore solution.

"To ensure customer satisfaction, we use the skilled team of in-house service technicians, support, software, and logistics experts. This makes us agile and able to help immediately. Our philosophy is to develop a scalable solution that our customers can grow with and that benefits them. This is “the Element way."

— Arnold Nielsen, Key Account Manager Element Logic Norway