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Revolutionize your warehouse

By minimizing delivery time, repetitive tasks, and operational costs, we maximize your success.

We understand that you must exceed your customers’ expectations to stay competitive. That’s why you need an experienced and innovative automation partner who can minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

It’s all about minimizing and maximizing.

Minimize operational costs

Minimize your cost per transaction with optimal workflows in your automated warehouse and save up to 80% of your available floor space.

Maximize growth

Maximize efficiency with a scalable solution that releases your true potential.

Fast, cheap and free shipping says a lot about what we do here. And that’s what our customers think is important. We send out approximately 50.000 packages a day

Pär Svärdson — CEO, Apotea

Minimize delivery time

Our solution can enable same-day delivery to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Maximize data utilization

Allow AI-powered software to optimize all warehouse workflows and boost overall productivity with analysis, insights, and predictions.

Thanks to perfect support and implementation by Element Logic, we can now count on a powerful, automated small parts warehouse to secure our customers’ expectations regarding quick order fulfillment

Dieter Egloff — Logistics director, Peterhans handwerkercenter AG

Minimize repetitive tasks

Create more rewarding jobs with a solution that takes over boring repetitive tasks, and documents fewer injuries and burnouts.

Maximize performance

Increase your efficiency by at least 100% compared to a manual warehouse.

We’ve grown a lot in recent years and eventually ran out of space in our old warehouse. We weren’t rigged to expand at that warehouse and did not fulfill our potential in terms of efficiency

Rolf Inge Danielsen — Logistics director, Berggaard Amundsen

Warehouse automation is the future, and we are your guide. As the original and largest AutoStore partner, we have decades of experience and will find the best solutions to optimize your warehouse performance.

We combine intelligent, automated technology enhanced with our own software. Your current size does not matter. Our modular and scalable solutions allow us to optimize warehouses of all sizes and growth ambitions.

Are you eager to learn more about warehouse automation from Element Logic? Check out our customer cases and discover their impressive results.

If you would like to learn how we can help you improve the performance of your warehouse, check out our solutions and services.

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