Presentation on vertical farming workshop with NTNU

Workshop on vertical farming in collaboration with NTNU

Together with students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the vertical farming start-up Avisomo, we explored the synergies between vertical farming and warehouse automation with the main goal of analyzing data for plant maturity and vitality assessment.

Element Logic’s summer internship program 2022 focused on vertical farming, aiming to explore how warehouse automation technology can be integrated into vertical farming automation. In collaboration with NTNU, students were recruited to work on the project, exploring the transplantation, data analytics, and picking of strawberries in a vertical farm.


With this insight and collaboration with students and vertical farming start-up Avisomo, Element Logic hosted a workshop as a follow-up to the summer internship program. With a commitment to explore new ideas and technology, Element Logic organized the workshop, engaging around 40 students from diverse backgrounds to foster a rich and insightful discussion. The workshop’s use case focused on data analysis and the development of a control center to identify the maturity or state of a plant within a vertical farm setting. This innovative approach aimed to leverage the company’s expertise in optimizing warehouse performance into growth optimization of plants.


The workshop was designed to further build on the knowledge and experience gained during the summer internship program, which had already demonstrated the potential benefits of combining warehouse automation with vertical farming automation.

Presenting intralogistics on vertical farming workshop
A GOOD FOUNDATION: The students got a thorough presentation before working on the case

Hands-on experience

As a result of our strong partnership with NTNU, Element Logic hosts workshops on a regular basis, enabling the continuous exploration of new ideas and cutting-edge technology. This ongoing collaboration not only benefits the students by providing them with invaluable hands-on experience but also allows Element Logic to stay at the forefront of innovation and industry trends.


By fostering a future-oriented mindset and emphasizing the potential synergy between vertical farming automation and warehouse automation, Element Logic continues to demonstrate its commitment to driving innovation in both industries. With the success of this workshop and the company’s ongoing partnership with NTNU, Element Logic is well-positioned to develop groundbreaking solutions that address the challenges faced by the modern agricultural and warehousing sectors.

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