We find the smartest solutions together with our customers

Hence, our aim is to foster a genuine partnership with our customers.

When you become one of Element Logic`s customers, you are not only buying a product. You are starting a partnership that hopefully will last for many years. A productive collaboration on how to improve and optimize your warehousing.

Just ask Elotec. A technology company with the world`s first commercialized AutoStore solution, delivered by Element Logic 20 years ago. Since then, they have had a close relationship with Element Logic.

“Together with Element Logic we are always looking for improvements. Still after 20 years with the same AutoStore grid, we have a 99,6 uptime on the system, says Roger Furnes, business analyst at Elotec.

Customer Forum event

Furnes from Elotec is among the participants when Element Logic Norway, invites their customers to attend their Customer Forum.

“It`s very valuable for a company like Elotec to be updated on new technological advances and share experiences”, he says.

The Customer Forum event is a response to a customer need, Managing Director in Element Logic Norway, Mats Bjerkaas, explains:

“Our customers have requested more networking and sharing of practices and knowledge. By gathering our customers in a forum like this we give them the opportunity to learn from each other, give us feedback and see our latest innovations and improvements.”

KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: Customer Forum is a great arena for sharing experiences and new innovations. Here is Aftermarket Director in Element Logic Sweden, Marcus Rasmusson.

Strong collaboration is key

Norway is not the only market where Element Logic gather its customers in a Customer Forum. In Sweden it was arranged for the second year this spring. 76 participants from 35 different customers attended the event in Uppsala.

“With the Customer Forum we create an arena where our customers can meet and share experiences with each other. It is also a great opportunity for us to build relationships with our customers. We listen to their needs and show them the new solutions we are working on”, says Aftermarket Director in Element Logic Sweden, Marcus Rasmusson.

EVERY SECOND COUNTS: All of Element Logic`s customers share the same goal – to do their warehousing as efficiently as possible. Here with Managing Director in Element Logic Norway, Mats Bjerkaas.

Group CEO in Element Logic, Dag-Adler Blakseth, says that the Customer Forum events are important to strengthen Element Logic’s relationship with their customers.

“These events are very much in line with how we want to build our relationship with our customers – as a brave, passionate, and reliable partner. We also show transparency by gathering all our customers, listening to their feedback, and inviting them to talk to each other”, Blakseth concludes.

BRAVE, PASSIONATE AND RELIABLE: Group CEO, Dag-Adler Blakseth, believes strongly in close collaboration between Element Logic and its customers.

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