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Tranemo Transitions from Manual to Automated Warehouse

Tranemo's new automated warehouse solution from Element Logic went live in February 2023. Their goal was to save space, streamline their logistics and prepare for sustainable growth in the future.

Tranemo is a leading European supplier of inherent flame and arc flash protective workwear, striving towards a zero vision regarding serious flame-related accidents. They deliver advanced workwear that creates safer workplaces.

Tranemo, whose warehouse was entirely manual, chose automation from Element Logic to save space, streamline their logistics and prepare for sustainable growth in the future. The automated warehouse solution, AutoStore, has for several years helped e-commerce companies become cost-effective and remain competitive. Through the scalable system, companies save time, money, and space.

Their new warehouse features an AutoStore with 19,000 bins (with space for 22,500), 10 robots, and 3 ports. The new system gives Tranemo a warehouse capacity of 200 order lines per hour.

“We have had good growth in recent years and therefore had to review our warehouse situation. Choosing a space-efficient and scalable solution allows us to continue to grow without having to invest in new warehouse premises. Once the system is fine-tuned, we also believe we can improve our customer service without increasing staff,” says Max Larsson, CEO of Tranemo.

"Tranemo saw the advantages of installing AutoStore in terms of space efficiency, handling capacity, and simpler processes. A major advantage is that it saves up to 80 percent of floor space compared to a manual warehouse system. This means that the same results can be achieved on a smaller area"

— Anders Bohlin, Sales Director at Element Logic Sweden

Facts about Element Logic’s installation at Tranemo:

  • 19,000 bins (with space for up to 22,500)
  • 10 robots
  • 3 ports
  • 200 order lines per hour.

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