The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry visiting a warehouse

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry: “Companies like Element Logic are building Norway”

It means a lot to Norwegian industry that companies promoting new technology and green industry succeed internationally. "Automated warehousing systems are brilliant," the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry says.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, has great ambitions for Norwegian business and industry and wants to contribute to creating more jobs throughout the country, increasing mainland exports and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. To understand the current situation in Norwegian industry, Vestre will visit 100 Norwegian companies that are contributing to a green industrial boost. Element Logic was one of the selected.

“Element Logic has dared to think big, and its success with international export of high technology means a lot to Norwegian industry,” Vestre says.

“I am proud that the Minister of Trade and Industry sees the value of our work and chose to visit Element Logic,” Mats Bjerkaas, Managing Director of Element Logic Norway, says.

AUTOMATION TRAINING: The Minister was introduced to the benefits of automation and how Element Logic has achieved international success in Solar’s warehouse.

The Minister testing the AutoStore system

During the visit, the Minister of Trade and Industry experienced an automated warehouse from Element Logic up-close. He talked to the operators and watched how the robots and warehouse automation works. The highlight was, of course, when the Minister got to pick from a picking station and pack orders by using the AutoStore system.

“This was really fun,” Vestre exclaimed after completing his first order.

ENTHUSIASTIC: The Minister was impressed by the AutoStore facility provided by Element Logic. “It is a very logical system.”

“It is fascinating to see an automated warehouse system compared to traditional warehouse operations. It is simply brilliant,” the Minister of Trade and Industry says after seeing and testing the solution.

CAN I GET CLOSER?: Vestre asks when he sees the AutoStore robots.

Element Logic CEO Dag-Adler Blakseth greatly appreciated the visit from the Minister of Trade and Industry and was impressed by his enthusiasm.

“He asked good questions and seemed genuinely interested. It is evident that he has an industry background. I can relate to that.”

“It sends an important signal to Norwegian business and industry that the Minister takes the time to visit companies all over the country. Vestre has clear goals for Norwegian industry, and we will do our part to contribute to the growth,” Eir Bjørkly, executive vice president of North Europe, says.

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Advice to the Norwegian government from Element Logic

Vestre visited Element Logic not only to see warehouse automation but also to get advice on how the Ministry can contribute to more companies experiencing the same international success as Element Logic.

“Jobs are created in the industry. Companies like Element Logic has valuable insights and thoughts on what is needed to convince more people to invest and develop internationally. We want to contribute as best as we can,” Vestre says and adds:

“Norway needs more businesses that dare to invest.”

After more than 30 years in Norwegian business, Element Logic has several suggestions on how the government can facilitate for more people to succeed.

“To succeed, access to labour and the right expertise is essential. Therefore, it is important to have the right conditions that facilitate the development of necessary skillsets,” Bjerkaas explains.

WANTS PREDICTABILITY: Element Logic advises the Minister of Trade and Industry to facilitate long-term predictability in Norwegian business and industry.

“If we achieve a predictable industry where companies know which funds they will have in the future, more companies will be able to grow. Stable legislation and predictable conditions are more important than lower taxes,” CEO Blakseth says.

Blakseth also recommends reviewing the incentives related to research and development. Where incentives have been set for other industries to increase investments, similarly aimed at research and development will entail significant increased investments that will lead to employment in Norway.

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Contributes to the green change

Environment and green industry are also important topics in Vestre’s visits to Norwegian business and industry. The Minister wants to speed up green industrial projects and is planning the development of a restructuring barometer that will measure specific features of the Norwegian economy that are central to the transition to a green change.

“We share his commitment to the environment. Element Logic has a good starting point for realising the changes the Minister has outlined as important,” Bjørkly explains.

Automated warehouse solutions implemented by Element Logic provide an overall lower climate footprint by saving space and being energy efficient. In addition, the entire system can be controlled by solar cells, as well as reduce incorrect picking and returned goods.

GREAT GROWTH: Element Logic has experienced great, international growth in the last two years. The Minister of Trade and Industry hopes that more Norwegian companies will achieve this in the coming years.

“Continue the good work,” the Minister says when the visit with Element Logic is over.

With those words, Element Logic prepares for further global growth with a continued focus on sustainability and green development.

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