Black Line by AutoStore: The next step in storage automation

Black Line joins Red Line in the portfolio of award-winning AutoStore systems. With new features and state-of-the-art technologies, the Black Line system can stand alone or be combined with the existing Red Line.

AutoStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), the fastest growing robotic warehouse solution on the market, launches a new line with higher capacity and top speed. 

“Black Line is a new group of modules developed as an extension of AutoStore’s existing Red Line system. With several technical improvements, Black Line is heading for high demanding warehouse automation performance, both in storage capacity and handling efficiency, says Håvard Hallås, Element Logic Chief Sales Officer.  The Black Line system includes the new B1 robot, taller bins, the new Relayport operator port design, and more.

Introducing the B1 robot

In an industry where space is everything, Black Line’s slimmed-down, lighter B1 Robot utilizes a sleek, space-saving cavity design. In addition, the B1 Robot is designed to handle taller bins (425mm) to accommodate larger products and more efficient stacking of longer items. 

“What’s so great about the B1 is that it never rests, not even for charging. Clever battery management, such as the BattPack ejection tray, makes it possible for the robot to always have a charged battery, Hallås says. 

In addition to the new B1 robot, Black Line includes a new operator port design called Relayport. The Relayport contributes to reduced bin transfer time and improved bin flow to the operator, reducing operator idle time even more.

AutoStore Black Line

Combines seamlessly with Red Line

Black Line can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with Red Line modules.  

“For the Red Line customers this means that they also can benefit from the development of the Black Line modules, because it’s possible to combine modules from Red Line and Black Line. Red Line will continue to exist and be further developed, and in most cases it will continue to be the best solution for many of our customers, Hallås says, and continues: 

“We have worked closely with AutoStore since 2004 and are very happy to see the development of new products coming down the line. How we develop our software, execute projects, and bring happy customers into the market is all based on the competence and experience we’ve built since 2004”. 


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