Hultafors warehouse, Goleniów Poland

The first AutoStore project in Poland

The 130 years old Swedish company Hultafors Group is a leading provider of premium brands to professional craftsmen all over the world. After a lot of research they decided to have the main European distribution center in Poland, and the facility will be the country’s first A-class automated warehouse operated by the AutoStore system.

“With the automated warehouse, we will be able to handle our future growth and improve the service to our customers. We were looking for a partner who would support us with the knowledge and experience in AutoStore solution with a local presence in Poland”, says Nicklas Axell, Group Logistics Director at Hultafors Group.

Hultafors invests in an AutoStore system and the conveyor technique. The start of operations is scheduled for Q2 2021.

Managing Director Element Logic Poland, Anna Wisniewska
“We are incredibly excited about the cooperation with the Hultafors team during the realisation phase. Till now it was a great pleasure to work with them and I believe that we will build even stronger partnership now. We are also very happy to be the first one in the Polish market with the AutoStore system and I’m sure that it will be a great reference”, adds Anna Wiśniewska, Managing Director Element Logic Poland

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