Warehouse Emotion Logistics

The 3PL company Emotion Logistics will double their capacity with the new AutoStore warehouse

In September 2020, Element Logic will hand over a newly built and turn-key ready AutoStore warehouse to Emotion Logistics in Jönköping. The warehouse is designed to handle very demanding retail and e-commerce logistics in the Nordic market.

The new automated warehouse has a strategic location close to the E4 route in Stigamo, just south of Jönköping, Sweden. The building is 7000 m² and is constructed by the well-established Tosito in SIDOG Fastigheter. The installation, which is Emotion’s 6th in Sweden, leads to an increased warehouse capacity of 40.000 m². They will be able to offer their customers both faster handling and higher delivery reliability and a more cost-efficient solution. Three key factors that were crucial to the premium brand (3PL customer) when choosing Emotion Logistics to manage their logistics.

On site, there will be 28 robots to handle 40,000 storage bins with products. The warehouse will have around 15 employees, of whom 7-8 will work in the AutoStore warehouse. To facilitate and streamline the work, the ergonomic workstations for picking and packing will be centred in a “picking tunnel” and employees will be able to handle 700 order lines per hour. The  warehouse also has a place for handling of returns, customer service and processing of products.

In addition to the AutoStore warehouse and workstations, Element Logic will also deliver transport solutions containing a sorting system. The warehouse will be scalable to give Emotions Logistics flexibility and room for manoeuvre in a rapidly changing industry. This especially applies to apparel and sports equipment, which is what the warehouse in Stigamo is primarily adapted for.

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