Ivan Jæger Christiansen, Managing Director of Proshop

Proshop is gearing up for Black Friday by purchasing 10 extra robots

With 30.000 incoming orders expected in one single day, a leading Danish online store is doing everything they can to prepare for Black Friday. An additional 10 AutoStore robots featuring the essential Element Logic upgrade have been added to Proshop’s automated workforce.

The Black Friday weekend at the end of November is now considered the busiest shopping season of the year for Proshop, one of Denmark’s leading online stores. Consequently, they decided to add an additional 10 tailormade AutoStore robots by Element Logic to their warehouse setup, in order to prepare the online store for the immense logistical pressure that is expected during Black Friday.

– We expect to handle up to 30.000 orders in one day, which is ten times as much as normal. Without these robots and our full automated warehouse our logistics would break down completely, Proshop CEO Ivan Jæger Christiansen says.

30 % gross sales increase

The 10 new robots have increased the total number of AutoStore robots at Proshop’s warehouse to 50. Just as the rest of the facility, which was implemented in 2018, the new robots are supplied by the AutoStore specialist Element Logic.

The warehouse’s size is at 3.000 sqm. – though only a third of it being floor space – and a capacity of 1.000 units handled per hour, this is one of Denmark’s largest AutoStore installations.

– Already after the first year of operations, our facility has contributed to the fact that Proshop increased their gross sales by 30 % and doubled the organization’s bottom line results. We look forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation, says CEO of Element Logic in Denmark, Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen.

Proshop’s Black Friday sales in 2018 turned out to be 35% higher than the year before. Ivan Jæger Christiansen expects the turnover increase for Black Friday 2019 to be at a similar level.

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