Nadarajah and Reime is smiling to the camera in front of the recepetion desk at Microsoft’s office.

Partnering with Microsoft to help our customers grow

Element Logic and Microsoft are co-developing a cloud-based data platform in Azure that will anticipate each warehouse unique needs in real-time, making them more efficient and able to grow further.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the necessary tools to stay competitive in their respective markets”, Rahman Khanani, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at Element Logic, says.

With this goal in mind, Element Logic recently partnered with Microsoft to develop and build a cloud-based platform in Microsoft Azure that uses data to predict and analyse the necessary action points to optimise warehouse operations.

“We aim to accelerate Element Logic’s cloud adaptation by building an innovative cloud-native platform, enabling them and their customers to grow further”, Daniel Reime, Lead Partner Development at Microsoft, explains.

Predicts how you can stay competitive

The cloud-based platform will use existing data sources to predict how to optimise the warehouse performance.

“With this cloud platform integrated into the warehouse solution, our customers gain a competitive edge by making internal processes more efficient and having a faster and more reliable order fulfilment process”, Sutharshan Nadarajah, Technology Director at Element Logic, explains.

Nadarajah and Reime are talking to each other whilst sitting on a couch.
IDEAL PARTNER: Through the partnership with Microsoft, Element Logic will transition from being a data collector to providing data-based value for visualisation and optimisation.

Microsoft is at the frontline of its industry, and especially with its Microsoft Azure cloud. It will allow Element Logic to automatically collect and contextualise data from different sources and visualise this information to our customers to optimise the warehouse performance.

“The goal is for Element Logic to provide its customers with data-driven warehouse optimisation services by utilising Azure Machine Learning and AI”, Reime from Microsoft explains.

“We already have a great relationship with Microsoft, and we are looking forward to using the latest cloud technology to develop valuable tools for our customers”, CSIO Khanani adds.

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The power of data

Data has always been at our core when developing new and valuable solutions. The more data you have access to, the more insight you have, and having enough insight is vital to staying competitive in today’s ever-changing markets.

Today, valuable data sit unused in our customers’ warehouse automation solutions.

The cloud platform will collect data from these customers to create a database where customers can see and utilise their own data and anonymously see and utilise all existing data from all of Element Logic’s customers. The real value comes from combining the data from different solutions provided by Element Logic.

“Access to data is as vital to a healthy business as oxygen is to the human body”, Nadarajah states.

Microsoft Norway CEO Kimberly Mathisen is also looking forward to seizing the possibilities in how the cloud-based platform can bring positive changes to the logistics industry, an area with large potential.

“By co-developing a new platform, we aim to help Element Logic increase sustainable warehouse operations and make existing warehouses efficient and optimised. Utilising available data is a necessary step for logistics to become better and greener”, she explains.

A portrait phot of Nadarajah with a red background.

First version ready in 2022

Element Logic and Microsoft aim to launch the first version of the cloud-based data platform in the first quarter of 2022. To ensure we develop a platform that provides real value to our customers, we plan to collaborate with Solar, one of our most future-oriented customers.

Two men are standing and looking at their laptops behind warehouse optimisation equipment from Element Logic.
PILOT: Solar was our first customer to use our robotic arm, eOperator, in its operations. Now Solar will be a part of the co-development with Microsoft as a pilot customer.

Our robotic piece-picking technology is in use at Solar.

View the eOperator in action

“When the data platform launches, we plan to add this to our existing product portfolio and make it a part of our complete solution for warehouse automation”, Nadarajah explains.

By receiving feedback and gaining experience from Solar and other users, Element Logic will continue to optimise, update, and add new services and possible data prediction programs to bring even more value to our customers.

“Our purpose is always to increase the performance of our customers’ warehouses”, CSIO Khanani concludes.

A smiling Rahman sits om a couch while looking into the camera.
CARES ABOUT CUSTOMER NEEDS: Rahman Khanani, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Element Logic, seeks to solve customer needs and encourage dialogue.

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