Manifesting our commitment to innovation

Element Logic has undergone significant growth over the last years and have established a strategy and innovation team as a guide going forward and to secure bringing value to customers.

Growth can be achieved in many ways. In addition to consolidating our position in existing markets, growth can also entail entering new markets, serving new customer segments, or developing new revenue streams.

Element Logic can achieve growth by defining how to drive greater value creation for existing and new customers, which will help determine how we want to develop our product, service portfolio and pursue new business models. The Strategy and Innovation team’s task is to figure out where it makes sense for Element Logic to grow, and consequently define how – with innovation being one of the most important growth levers.

Robot arm at AutoStore carousel port.
NEW TECHNOLOGY: In addition to developing growth strategies across markets, the strategy and innovation team will plan strategies for new product launches.

Customer centricity is at the core

“We are excited to have established the strategy and innovation team in Element Logic. The team’s main focus will be to bring a valuable outside perspective to our industry, and I look forward to building on their innovative ideas”, Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO at Element Logic, says.

The key priority of the team is to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and our customers.

”The goal is to understand our customers even better than they do themselves. By understanding their business, key value drivers and where they expect to go, we can support them better”, Blakseth says.

We want to connect with customers, all the way from the users of our solutions to the leadership team, to truly understand their point of view and challenges. Customer insight gives valuable input for our strategy and innovation agenda and helps Element Logic understand how we can help drive greater value creation for our customers”, Blakseth explains.

Innovation has always been an essential part of Element Logic. They have never been afraid to try new technology or new ways of optimising warehouses. This mindset is why Element Logic was the first in the world to implement AutoStore in a working warehouse.

Two Element Logic employees talk to two smiling customers inside a warehouse.
UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMER NEEDS: Is the key to successful innovation.

Exciting times in intralogistics

Our industry has experienced exponential growth for many years now. With eCommerce skyrocketing, the need for new warehouses and better utilisation of existing warehouse space keeps increasing at an impressive rate.

A big part of Element Logic’s success is due to being the leading AutoStore integrator globally in terms of revenue and market share. This is a result of several years of hard work and a relationship and partnership that spans over decades.

A map of Europe med the Element Logic logo in each country they are present.
EXPANSION: In 2021, Element Logic expanded and opened four new offices in the Czech Republic, Finland,Spain and Italy.

In 2020, Element Logic had a 40 % growth compared to 2019 and surpassed 100 million EUR in revenue for the first time in its 35-year history. In the same year, Element Logic officially became the world’s largest AutoStore distributor.

“In several markets, we have achieved growth beyond our plans and budgets. The incredible growth in online shopping has been essential for our success, and we are pleased to see Element Logic grow at a fast pace while increasing our market shares”, Blakseth says.

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