Leading Danish health food company Helsam Group upgrades for further growth with an AutoStore-solution from Element Logic

Helsam Group A/S is massively upgrading its warehouse in an effort to remain the Danes' preferred supplier of dietary supplements, products for personal care and organic goods. 40 AutoStore robots from Element Logic will move Helsam Group A/S up in the logistics super league and help Denmark's leading health food brand to capture additional market shares, especially within e-commerce.

With wholesale, web shops, and physical stores throughout the country, Helsam has made one of its largest investments ever that will handle up to 90% of Helsam’s products. The contract with Element Logic Denmark has recently been signed, and the installation of the system will start later in 2022.

“We want to strengthen our position further and keep our position as a leading health food brand. This investment emphasizes that,” says Kenneth Guldager, CEO of the Helsam Group.

"We want to strengthen our position further and keep our position as a leading health food brand. This investment emphasizes that"

— Kenneth Guldager, CEO of the Helsam Group

Need a logistics engine to support

Historically, Helsam has been a wholesale company with sales to primarily the B2B sector, but in 2019 the company launched a strategy to transform Helsam to become a modern trading company with sales to both the B2B and B2C segment – as well as sales in both physical stores and online. The same year Helsam Group acquired the web shop Mecindo, which today is part of the Helsam Group.

Kenneth Guldager expects increased growth in the coming years as a result of the Danes’ growing appetite for sustainability, health, and ecology.

“We need a solid engine to support the growth we have been through and the growth we expect in the future. We get this with the robot warehouse, which at the same time enables us to meet customers’ increasingly stringent requirements for delivery,” says Kenneth Guldager.

Helsam Group A / S had sales of approx. 58.2 million EUR in 2021.

Agility, flexibility, and volume are crucial

From the warehouse in the south of Denmark, the 40 warehouse robots will be responsible for virtually all product picks, and service both Helsam Group’s wholesale sales and sales to private individuals. Helsam and Mecindo will in the future account for a large part of the growth, including Norway and Sweden.

“Our focus on e-commerce provides a completely different way of picking than before. It’s about pace and volume and about minimizing time and costs per pick. This is where we need the efficiency and flexibility that the robot warehouse from Element Logic gives us,” says Kenneth Guldager.

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