R5 Pro Robot from AutoStore

Launch of R5 Pro and R5+ Pro Robot

AutoStore launches its newest addition to the R5 series, the R5 Pro and R5+ Pro Robot. The new features will enhance large scale operations by freeing up space for more products in the warehouse, increase productivity, and reducing costs.

Large-scale e-commerce operations is especially suited for the new robot, with growing demand for large, throughput systems, and for companies running multishift operations at scale.

"The already successful, proven, and efficient R5 Robot series receives a major improvement. New battery and charge technology brings us more productivity per robot, leading to fewer charging stations together and reduces the time needed to charge the robots. With these upgrades, our customers will receive an even more efficient system."

— Lasse Vik, Product Manager AutoStore at Element Logic

Key features

  • Fast charging: The largest upgrade is the lithium titanate oxide (LTO) batteries. These new batteries offer rapid charging capabilities. With a charge time of 7 minutes, the robots can work for 180 minutes. This reduced amount of required charging time increases the availability of individual robots.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Implementation of the R5 Pro in large AutoStore systems enables a remarkable reduction in the number of robots needed on the same grid by up to 15%, compared to the use of the R5 Robot. This leads to more efficient routing and an improved system efficiency.
  • Space optimization: The adoption of LTO batteries in the new R5 Pro results in fewer chargers required, increasing the storage volume in the grid.
  • Energy optimization: Even though AutoStore Robots consume a low amount of energy, the R5 Pro Robots, with its fast charging and less weight per robot, reduces the energy consumption per robot. In the busy hours when peak energy is at its top, R5 Pro reduces this energy consumption drastically with its fewer chargers and more efficient batteries.
Two R5 Pro Robots standing side-by-side
The new R5 Pro and R5+ Pro comes in two sizes. On the left, the R5+ Pro is designed to fit the 425-mm bin, the largest bin available.

Boozt, the Nordic region’s largest online department store, who also has the largest AutoStore system in the world has tested the new R5 Pro robot on their grid. Although it is too early to predict the impact of the new robots, we can already see that the new R5 Pro has moved 50% farther compared to their other R5 robots. Tobias Sjölin, CTO Fulfillment and Logistics at Boozt shares his thoughts on the new addition to the R5 series: “As a leading e-commerce company, we are always looking for new ways to optimize warehouse operations. We are excited about the R5 Pro, the latest addition to the R5 series, which will bring tangible benefits to customers with large AutoStore systems that require speed.”

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