Autostore: The Leading Intralogistics Solution for Automotive Components

AutoStore is one of the most highly valued intralogistics solutions for supplying and storing components in the automotive sector, which must manage a vast number of small-volume parts and components.

The automotive industry is a driving force behind innovation in the European economies, and to some extent, in Asia-Pacific (APAC). From its inception, this sector has pioneered and continues to drive the adoption of warehouse automation systems.

For years, major international automotive manufacturers have implemented solutions like robotic production lines and automated material delivery systems for manufacturing processes. In recent years, they have also integrated other advanced logistics technologies into their internal operations, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and vertical storage systems that optimize space utilization for all vehicle components.

Among these new technological tools serving the automotive industry, goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) like AutoStore are gaining traction in a sector that must handle immense quantities of small parts and spare components. This automated storage and picking solution enables the streamlining and maximising of logistics efficiency for an industry which is constantly evolving and has stringent quality demands.

Why AutoStore Excels

Element Logic optimises warehouse performance and is the first and largest AutoStore partner, offering one of the most highly valued storage and supply chain technologies for automotive manufacturers dealing with a vast number of small-part components. AutoStore is ideal for optimising material picking processes for production lines (kitting) and preparing spare parts orders for both internal and external fulfilment. Leveraging efficient space usage, 24/7 productivity, and availability, this AS/RS meets the exacting requirements of cutting-edge production facilities.

Furthermore, by integrating AutoStore with Element Logic’s piece-picking solution, eOperator, companies can fully automate the preparation of production materials. The only manual step required is loading the prepared kits onto the production line.

Automotive companies benefiting from AutoStore

GS Bildeler, a BMW automobile spare parts distributor, installed an AutoStore system empowered by Element Logic to handle surging business growth. Within a decade, the company became Norway’s largest BMW parts supplier and has maximised operational efficiency, reduced picking errors, boosted customer satisfaction, and consolidated five warehouses into three – thanks to AutoStore’s space and efficiency advantages. space and efficiency advantages.

Warehouse staff have also directly benefited from the automation, reporting better workload control, reduced physical strain, and lower stress levels. At GS Bildeler, AutoStore empowered by Element Logic has strengthened the group’s market competitiveness. Furthermore, the system’s scalability enables handling future growth. “With AutoStore, companies can expand and meet increasing customer service and delivery demands,” explains Niklas Poulsen, Sales Manager at Element Logic Norway.

Similarly, Bertel O. Steen, an automobile importer and distributor that supplies spare parts for cars, buses, and trucks, had outgrown its warehouse capacity. The company adopted AutoStore empowered by Element Logic’s custom software to transform logistics processes. The solution features 47 AutoStore robots, 48,000 bins, 8 outbound carousel ports, and 16 inbound operator ports – enabling over 5,000 daily picks.

The company highlights AutoStore’s ability to quickly adapt to evolving needs in a fast-paced industry. “If the car spare parts market declines, our new warehouse can easily shift to distributing other merchandise,” notes Rune Kristiansen, Logistics Manager at Bertel O. Steen.

Discover how Element Logic’s warehouse solutions can transform your automotive logistics with industry-leading efficiency and flexibility. Contact us today to maximise your operations.

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