Helly Hansen automates their distribution center in the US

Helly Hansen, the Norwegian manufacturer and retailer of clothing and sports equipment, and long-time partner with Element Logic, recently went live with their automated distribution center in Sumner, Washington, US.

Helly Hansen outfitted its distribution center with an AutoStore solution consisting of 50.000 bins, 36 robots, and 10 carousel ports. To maximize the efficiency of AutoStore, Helly Hansen chose to run the solution with Element Logic’s software to provide constant product location control, inventory control, goods received, return handling, refill, and pickings.

“The substantial reduction in product touches has enabled us to operate in a significantly leaner and more efficient manner,” Andrew Aldworth, Quality Compliance Manager at Helly Hansen, said.

The manufacturer and retailer has seen a rapid growth since they started operating in the US and needed to streamline their distribution center to increase its effectiveness. Helly Hansen chose Element Logic for the US’ teams capabilities for their warehouse in the Pacific Northwest.

“The AutoStore solution has allowed Helly Hansen to scale our operation during this time of rapid growth,” Dave Hawkins, Environment Health and Safety Manager at Helly Hansen, said. “Along with giving us the ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Selecting a partner

Choosing the right partner was important for Helly Hansen’s success, and several key factors were carefully considered before making a choice.

“Element Logic has a proven track record of successfully completing and exceeding the expectations of Helly Hansen in Europe,” Brian Crowle, Account Executive at SDI Element Logic, said. “So, there was a lot of trust in us, and Element Logic’s global infrastructure was key.”

Having a global provider, with a strong presence in the U.S., that provided local support 24/7, factory-trained technicians, and industry-leading software were only a few of the things Helly Hansen had to have.

"Element Logic’s software was developed to maximize the efficiency of AutoStore while offering fast deployment at a very competitive price. This played a key differentiator in the selection process."

— Brian Crowle, Account Executive at SDI Element Logic
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Facts about Element Logic’s installation at Helly Hansen:

  • 50,000 bins
  • 36 robots
  • 10 carousel ports
  • eManager software
  • 24/7 local support

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