Element Logic opens an office in Barcelona to automate Spanish warehouses.

As the world’s number one AutoStore partner in terms of installations implemented in 2020, Element Logic announces the launch of a new office in Barcelona, headed by Albert Vidal.

After closing in 2020 with a turnover of more than 100 million euros – the best result in its 35-year history – Element Logic presents itself in Spain as one of the leading one stop shops for automated warehouse solutions. With a track record of more than 100 installed automated storage and retrieval systems, Element Logic is the most experienced AutoStore partner in Europe.

AutoStore allows a 75% reduction of the footprint compared to a manual warehouse and, at the same time, increases picking capacity up to 10 times, preparing hundreds or thousands of orders every hour.

“We see a clear growth in Europe. More and more companies are looking to automate their warehouses. We offer decades of experience and the most modern and attractive solutions in the market. We are ready to see the big growth coming”, says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO of Element Logic.

We are very proud to announce the opening of our office in Spain and with Albert’s professional experience for more than 20 years in Spain and Germany with technology companies in the industrial and logistics sector, we are convinced that we will get a strong development and the growth we need”.  

“The needs of the market are changing fast and becoming so demanding that the introduction of technology and automation is essential,” says Managing Director Element Logic Spain, Albert Vidal. “It is no longer just a question of improving competitiveness, it is a question of business survival, as customers will always buy from those businesses that have their products available and ready to be delivered in the quickest and most error-free way,” he adds.

The assessment of the new head of Element Logic in Spain is the result of his extensive experience developed in his last stage at Mecalux, where he held the position of director of the software business unit, leading a team throughout Europe, North America and Latin America in charge of optimizing the operations of e-commerce, distribution or manufacturers warehouses through software.

More technology to meet the challenges of logistics 4.0

Element Logic’s solutions are specialized in businesses with high order preparation and picking activity in sectors such as e-commerce, omnichannel retail, parts and spare parts, food, logistics operators or 3PL, among others.

Albert Vidal is convinced of the great potential the companies in these sectors offer in terms of applying new technologies to logistics and warehousing, and he also observes two trends that will increase the commitment to AutoStore- and automated warehouse solutions installed by Element Logic:

On the one hand, the rise of e-commerce is leading to higher demands within companies to streamline their logistics to the new market reality. “This is especially true for companies in the sports equipment, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fashion sectors, which have experienced peak demands where the order volume in one week was the same as in two months the previous year. To maintain a high level of customer service, this growth requires efficient and error-free logistics,” says Vidal.

The second factor is the configuration of the Spanish real estate market, “with land becoming increasingly scarce and rents continuing to rise, reaching more than 7 euros per square meter per month in the best located areas”. A complexity that is aggravated by the growing need for urban distribution platforms or microfulfillment centres located within cities.

“With AutoStore, Element Logic offers the ideal solution for businesses with an intense preparation of orders in the smallest possible space, a model that has been amply validated with more than 100 implementations throughout Europe, which we now bring to the Iberian market”, concludes Armin Gesslein, Executive VP Central & Southern Europe.

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