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Element Logic launches cloud based data platform that optimizes warehouse operations based on real-time data

Element Logic has developed a cloud based data platform that collects, analyzes, shares, and utilizes data streams from various data sources in real-time. eLogiq is built on Microsoft Azure technology and the long-term goal is a fully automated warehouse solution that optimizes itself.

“Uncertain prospects for the future reinforce the need to be able to turn around quickly in goods handling worldwide. Access to the right decision basis and insight into actual data is crucial for survival in a changing market, for optimizing operations, and logistics and for continuing healthy business development, ” says Dag-Adler Blakseth, Chief Executive Officer of Element Logic.


eLogiq gives customers a competitive advantage

Element Logic has a partnership with Microsoft and the data platform eLogiq is built on their cloud-based Azure technology. eLogiq makes it possible to collect and analyze data flows from different sources in real-time, enabling businesses to immediately take the necessary steps to optimize the operation of their warehouses.

“The new platform, built on Azure technology and developed by Element Logic, is an important step in optimising companies’ warehouse operations. Making data available opens up a number of opportunities for improvement, efficiency and growth. That is a competitive advantage for businesses adopting the platform,” says Daniel Reime, Global Partner Solutions Leader at Microsoft Norway.

“With eLogiq, we can help our customers improve internal processes, increase efficiency and provide them with faster and more reliable order handling,” says Sutharshan Nadarajah, Technology Director of Element Logic.

"With eLogiq, we can help our customers improve internal processes, increase efficiency and provide them with faster and more reliable order handling."

— Sutharshan Nadarajah, Technology Director of Element Logic
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Data is gold

A good data basis is the core of the development of new and valuable solutions. To be competitive in a changing market, access to data from internal and external sources is essential. More data provides better insight and a more solid basis for making correct and faster decisions.

“There are large and valuable amounts of data in our customers’ warehouse solutions, and eLogiq collects and structures these in a database. The data from various sources, including data from Element Logic’s other software solutions eManager, eOperator and eController, can be combined and used for data-driven optimisation based on the latest technology from MS Azure Machine Learning and AI,” explains Sutharshan Nadarajah.

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GOOD COLLABORATION: Daniel Reime, Microsoft together with Sutharshan Nadarajah, Element Logic

A marathon – not a sprint

Element Logic has optimized companies’ warehouse operations since the 1980s and specializes in developing software and automated solutions that enable companies to design, operate and manage an end-to-end warehouse solution. The software and automated warehouse solutions continuously generate large amounts of data that processed and analyzed quickly and correctly, represent valuable insights and a solid basis for decision-making.

The eLogiq data platform has been developed precisely for this purpose; collect data, structure, and analyze it and then use it in a variety of value-added services and applications.

During the coming months and years several services and applications will be developed on top of eLogiq, ranging from a dashboard solution that displays processed key data based on key KPIs, to an API solution that enables warehouse management systems to retrieve raw data from eLogiq. Future services will also include predictive analyses of the flow of goods and possible problems, further optimization of the warehouse and data solution itself and harvesting of data necessary to document sustainability, risk management and regulatory requirements.

"Smart accessibility and use of data will help our customers manage a market and a world in constant change."

— Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO at Element Logic

“In the long term, the goal is an automated warehouse solution that optimizes and adjusts itself, based on the insights that the data represents. In this way, Element Logic’s customers will free up resources and employees for other tasks. A lot of digitization and process optimization can be delivered as ready-made applications and functionality, which means that customers can focus more on the value and result and less on the process itself,” explains Sutharshan Nadarajah.

“In the time to come, we will have full focus on the development of new services and applications in the extension of the data platform. Smart accessibility and use of data will help our customers manage a market and a world in constant change. This is a product that will develop continuously over the next few years. It will be an exciting journey, ” concludes Chief Executive Officer Dag-Adler Blakseth.

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