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Element Logic expands its European distribution rights

Having won full distribution rights for AutoStore in Europe enables Element Logic to establish new country divisions – and meet the growing demand for robotic warehouse automation.

Element Logic is excited to announce the expansion of full European distribution rights for the leading robotic warehouse solution AutoStore.

“We have been working towards this goal for a long time and are very happy to have reached an agreement with AutoStore. This gives us the rights to expand into new markets whenever we see attractive opportunities in the future,” says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO at Element Logic.

In essence, the expanded distribution rights will further strengthen the more than 15-year long relationship with AutoStore, enabling Element Logic to open additional local offices with sales teams working with the ingenious AutoStore products throughout Europe.

“As a global company with growth around the world, it is increasingly important that we work with integrators who can meet the various needs of our clients. We are excited to see Element Logic expand their territory in Europe, and look forward to work even more with them in near future!”AutoStore CEO, Karl Johan Lier, says.

Element Logic CEO Dag Adler Blakseth with quote

Launching operations in Poland and Benelux

As a result of the new agreement, Element Logic is today officially launching full-scale operations in both Poland and the Benelux.

“Obtaining European distribution rights means that the whole of Europe is our local market, and we can work even better as a partner for international customers with operations in multiple countries” Blakseth says.

“Poland offers many opportunities for Element Logic. Its central location means that the country is becoming a European logistics hub and works as a transit between Eastern and Western Europe. We also have numerous distribution centers which cover storage, picking and packing processes for western companies” says Anna Wiśniewska, Managing Director for Element Logic Poland.

Rob Pauls will be responsible for growth and sales activities in the Benelux region, as Managing Director for Element Logic Benelux BV.
“Having obtained full AutoStore distribution rights for the Benelux region, we can now further strengthen our presence in Northern Europe. The AutoStore solution, combined with Element Logic’s extensive experience and brilliant software, will promote growth for both our customers and Element Logic,” Pauls says.

The future of warehousing

AutoStore is the leading automated material handling solution, with extreme abilities in space saving, high speed capacity, flexibility and scalability. Element Logic is a specialized provider of AutoStore systems, with a unique expertise developed ever since the company installed the world’s first facility in 2003. Element Logic has a long track record which includes the smallest as well as the largest AutoStore facilities in the world.

Element Logic’s tailormade software enhances AutoStore to a greater extent. The experienced distributor has optimized warehouse performance for numerous customers in various industries and proved that this represents the future of warehousing. The company is in the forefront internationally for robotic warehouse solutions and just recently launched a brand-new robot arm solution capable of working with both larger robots and humans.

“All the industry experts talk about robotization and point out that this is the future of the industry. For us, it is therefore very exciting to launch the one optimal solution to the challenges everyone in the industry is facing. Now, even more companies will be able to combine the competence from Element Logic and AutoStore in helping them become more efficient and competitive,” Blakseth says.


Robot arm working toghether with AutoStore robot
ROBOTIZATION: AutoStore robot from Element Logic together with the newly launched robot arm solution.

Planning for growth

As more and more companies are looking to automate their warehouses, the growth in the European market is obvious. Element Logic’s strategy is to capitalize on the attractive market possibilities and continue to increase the company’s profitable growth, passing a €200 million turnover in 2022.

“By establishing Element Logic in new markets and further growing existing markets, our plan is to continue to grow with 25-50 percent annually” Blakseth concludes.

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