EET Group obtained a 75 percent gain in storage capacity with the help of Element Logic

As Europe’s largest supplier of IT accessories, the EET Group ships more than 6 000 orders a day. With an average annual growth rate of 20 percent they were searching for an automated warehouse solution to boost their efficiency and scalability.

The company’s search for an automated warehouse ended with Element Logic – investing in an AutoStore installation consisting of a total of 44 robots, 10 gates and 60 000 AutoStore bins, making it one of the two biggest AutoStore® installations in all of Denmark.


Expansion without compromising growth

“Element Logic promised us that we could launch our AutoStore within 100 days after we signed the contract, and we did! In the future we will expand our AutoStore to support our growing business. I’m looking forward to develop our AutoStore® in cooperation with Element Logic, to ensure excellent customer service and efficiency”, says Tom Kjærulf, Supply Chain Director at EET Group.

Today the installation handles more than 1 million products, and is a key factor in EET Group’s efforts to maximize customer service and efficiency.

Another decisive factor is the scalability of AutoStore®, enabling the EET Group to continuously expand the size of the warehouse without compromising growth rates.

An example is the expansion of EET Group’s AutoStore® installation, which was completed by Element Logic in just five weeks with practically zero downtime.

The EET Group expects to further expand the system in the coming years.

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