At Proshop, the AutoStore robots have created 15 new jobs

The Danish webshop Proshop has hired 15 new employees since the company introduced its AutoStore system in the spring of 2018. Proshop is a good example of robots and humans being able to work side by side and thereby create increased profitability.

Source: TV2 Østjylland, Denmark

At Proshop, the introduction of robot technology in the warehouse has not reduced the number of jobs. On the contrary, Proshop has hired 15 more employees since the company implemented its AutoStore system from Element Logic in the spring of 2018.

“If we had not introduced robot technology at Proshop, we might have gone from 140 employees to maybe 0. That is great, and we are very proud of our robotic warehouse,” says Ivan Jæger Christiansen, CEO of Proshop.

Improved efficiency and better top line

Proshop’s AutoStore system is 3.000 m2 – using just over 1.000 m2 of floor space – and has a capacity of 1.000 items per hour. In the autumn of 2019, the original 40 robots were supplemented with another ten, which brings the total number to 50 robots. This makes the system one of the largest AutoStore installations in Denmark.

The AutoStore solution was implemented after a period of great pressure on Proshop’s manual warehouse as a result of a large Black Friday and Christmas sale in 2017. Thanks to the robot solution by Element Logic, Proshop has improved its inventory efficiency and increased its top line by 30 percent.

“Price competition is extremely fierce in the electronics market. You simply make a few bucks selling an iPhone or a laptop. So if we are not efficient enough, we can not sell the product cheap enough, and if you can not sell it cheap enough, you will not sell it at all, ”says Ivan Jæger Christiansen.

Relieves employees

Proshop’s employees are also very satisfied with their robotic colleagues.

“They help us to get ready to lift our Christmas shopping without having to run faster and work longer,” warehousing and Logistics Manager Ronnie Stormfeldt says.

We expect to handle up to 30.000 orders in one day, which is 10 times as much as usual. Without these robots, our logistics would collapse, adds CEO of Proshop, Ivan Jæger Christiansen.

Learn more in the video above from TV2 Østjylland

Fact and figures

  • 50 robots
  • 3000 m2 AutoStore installation
  • More than 140 employees

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